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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Tax Free Weekend

My first major test getting "back in the swing of things" was on Friday. We went out to get four out of five their new school shoes and then on to Walmart for school supplies. Wowza! I was able to come up with about half of the supplies out of my stash in the school supply cabinet but still...I am looking forward to see what my eighth graders are going to do with three 2" binders. 

The shoes went well for the two boys (Ryan didn't get home til Saturday but thankfully he was home in time to get him there to take advantage of tax-free). Zachary always finds the one he likes and then tries them on to see if they fit and is ready in less than five minutes to get out of there. Matthew tried a couple and was able to decide right at about five minutes!

Dawn had fun. She has been complaining for the last few years that she hasn't grown in three years! She took advantage of that on Friday because she currently has three pairs of tennis shoes from previous years that still fit her. She doesn't wear them out because she has had more than one pair to wear. So she asked if she could get a pair of Converse All Stars. There is not a pair more perfect than the one that was splashed with the water color looking rainbow. She was a happy camper.

Stacey had two she couldn't decide on but eventually made her choice. Success all around. The boys were wonderful at Walmart and kept coming back to ask what else they could go look for. They found at least three or four of the things on the list. Sometimes they make a good team! We were all pretty exhausted when we got home. David was wonderful and said he would come up with something for supper!

The girls had to be somewhere Friday night so I got home with the boys and Matthew and I worked on getting everyone's stuff into their baskets. I will tell you, I celebrated with some Olympic opening ceremonies with my feet up in the recliner! Another very productive day!

I got to thinking as I made may way through the day. God has been so good to me this summer. I have asked Him that although I have been diagnosed again with breast cancer and have had two surgeries last month and am looking ahead to chemo, He really has perfect timing. In the beginning of June when all this was starting and I was going through the ultra sound, biopsy and then the diagnosis, I asked Him many things but as a mom, there were a few things that I was really hoping for:
  • That I wouldn't miss more than one day of Matthew and Zachary's cub scout day camp.
  • That I could go with the children and serve at kids overnight camp with our church.
  • That I could attend the For King and Country concert with my family at the Jones County Fair.
  • That I could be able to properly prepare my kids for the coming school year with the shopping and the other things that go along with it.
There are a few other things that I would like to also do and I will still continue to take those requests to Him. There is a lot more to all of this than my personal schedule but He is faithful in the small and the large. I am so thankful for that and that through all of it I remembered that it was tax free weekend!

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