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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Completed Project

I told you I would share of my adventures in the sewing room as of late. It was one of the days in the second week of recovery after the first surgery when this little one's mommy went in to start labor. I popped a few pain pills and headed downstairs!

I went through some of my stash and found a few things, but what seemed to be the most fitting was the lime green and purple/lavender.

It turned out better than I had hoped, and my friend was excited to receive it. I have written recently about how I don't love my kitchen as a place to hang out in, but I sure do love a morning, an afternoon, or a late night project in my sewing room.

Really, my sewing room is just a space in our unfinished basement that I have organized to be a somewhat efficient place for me to be creative. I try to get some time there every so often because it makes me a better person. That is the way it is with those of us who like to create.

My mom was a huge help in talking through the set up of my sewing area in the basement. Someday I may have a finished basement and a real sewing "room" but as you can see, I try not to let that stop me.

We were all made with different talents and I know that what I make in the basement is fun and many times pretty easy for me to put together. It is the appreciation and the awe when I give a gift when I realize that God has gifted me with this talent.

So I have learned that as I am appreciative to those who love their kitchens and bless me occasionally with the creativity that they experience there, I should always be thankful that God gave me a way to be creative that can bless others too.

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