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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Survival Files: A Pocket Full of Promises

This one started the tears...
There hasn't been much "from the heart" this week as I have been busy trying to catch up with the stuff around here that gets put aside while I am recovering from surgery. The "from the heart" moment this week came a little too late on Friday for me to post about it yesterday.

Dawn did a thorough job cleaning her room yesterday and what do you know? She found a Hobby Lobby gift card! We got online to see if she could find out how much was on it but it didn't recognize the number. So, off we went to Hobby Lobby!

In the busy-ness of the week I have pretty much been ignoring that next Tuesday I start chemo. It has been nice. I still know that the day is coming in the background of everything else. I always get a sinking feeling as we get closer to the start of a new school year. I miss the kids when they go back. It is a quiet house.

This year, there is just a little extra added on top of all of that. So, I shouldn't have been surprised that I found myself in the Hobby Lobby framed art aisles tearing up as I was surrounded with encouragement that I didn't even realize I needed. It was fun to take an outing with Dawn. She found out that she had $10 on the card! What a treasure to find in a clean room. (I will remind her of that when she doesn't want to clean her room next time)!

We realized that we were needing to shop for different things and so we split up for a bit. I found the fabric and the velcro that I needed pretty quick (I may post about this new project when it is done) and so that is what led me to the framed art area where I found that they were 50% off. I wish there was one that I loved best but there wasn't any way I could choose, so instead of choosing one I took pictures so that I can look at them a little longer.

Somewhere in my "window shopping" I realized that with all of this encouraging artwork on my phone camera, I can pull them out and look at them whenever I need them in the next four and a half months. I got a little more teary then and kept snapping pictures of anything that I knew would encourage me later down the road.

Meanwhile, Dawn came back and with her three treasures and we figured out how the 40% off of one regular priced item would affect the total cost. She had her gift card and two dollars in her purse she said. She was pretty sure she knew that she was ready to go but it takes forever to get to the register at Hobby Lobby with so much to see along the way! In fact, she put two of her things down and picked up something new and then ended up at a kiosk with necklaces. She picked up a pocket watch that was on a necklace chain and it was time for the big decision.

She ended up deciding on the watch necklace and keeping some of her money. She was pretty happy with her unique purchase.
It is the perfect thing for her. We got done there and
went to Menards to pick up some tools for my "green thumb girl". I will have to report on that when she gets all of her new plants potted and growing.

We both needed a little time out of the house. Dawn got home with just a little over a dollar on her gift card so she didn't even spend it all! That made her excited. It is fun to find a treasure and have a little money left over. She was happy and so was I with a pocket full of promises to take with me on my phone.

God is good to keep me in His grace with reminders all around that He is here and He knows my heart. I love spending these moments with my kids too. It helps me to keep tabs on how they are processing all of this. We take it day by day and some are better than others. This was one of the good ones!

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