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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Survival Files: A Little Something More for My Pocket

August 16th has had a special meaning for me ever since 1988. Twenty-eight years ago today I was sitting waiting to speak to my college adviser for the first time.

Waiting outside her door with me was one of the many new people I met during orientation week. He said "My name is David Sloan". And that is where it all began.

So today already has a special meaning for me and I will go off to chemo for the first time this morning playing some Chicago from my playlist and smile.

Last week I received this treasure. A mini "pocket prayer shawl". I am not a huge believer in charms or tokens but I am very blessed by the hands that created this and prayed for me.

This will be with me today, the feel of filet crochet is sweet and the thoughts and prayers that come with me as I start this new and not so great adventure are humbling. Thank you all who are on this team with me. It is well with my soul.

I have brought along a few other things to keep my mind busy for the three and a half hours this morning. I have been reading up on some of the things to expect but really, I don't know.

We will see what I have to report in the days ahead. There is one thing I know, every regimen is different, every body is different. I am trusting that the Maker of this body is going to bring me through this with every step having high hopes that in another twenty-eight years I will be celebrating fifty-six years with my best friend!

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  1. I wish you all the best today. It's not luck that sees us thru but bkessings from Him.