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Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Little Money Saving DIY

I have had a few hats and bandannas in my Amazon cart for a week or so now thinking I should get them ordered because once the second round starts I could need them any day. Well...I come from a long line of people who don't like to spend more money than they have to on things. Some of these chemo caps or hats were $24 or more each!

Sunday afternoon I settled on two of them and then went searching for a pattern. Sure enough, McCalls has a pattern with a whole lot of different headwear and I could pick the fabric. So, for a whole lot less money I can make things that coordinate with my wardrobe.

Earlier this week I finished a project that I also refused to buy on Amazon because it would take almost nothing to make. As much as I love my port for access to blood work and chemo treatment, it is a sensitive spot that is right where the driver's side seatbelt lays when I am driving. Rather than buying a seatbelt cushion, I took some batting I had and some soft gray fabric (that I have used for baby blankets in the past) and made up a pattern.

This was one of those times that my first plan worked! Without any tweeking or "redo" I was out the door driving kids around in comfort. I was also surprised at how much better my driving experience has been the last few days. Definitely a win!

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  1. Good for you it's the small things that add up to make us grumpy so good for you to make a nice soft thing to make your life more pleasant
    Everytime you buckle up you can think I am strong I can ........