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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This Boy Needs a Dog

Zachary went on and on Monday night about how his teacher was going to be bringing her dog to school for a little bit on Tuesday. Well, yesterday around lunchtime I got this sweet picture in my inbox from her.

Fast forward a few hours and Zach comes home ranting and raving about how cool her dog is and how much fun they had with "Capone". I got online within minutes and started scoping out some sites that have dog adoptions. I thought I would see if David would consider a dog for Zach's upcoming birthday.

Met with an adamant NO, I am a little disappointed but not totally feeling defeated. I have found articles with research to show that dogs help autistic children develop socially and help them learn to care for another living thing. I also looked through the list of "hypoallergenic" breeds to see if any of those would appeal or fit in with our family. This is all good.

I don't know if it was just this great picture or what but he looks like a natural to me. He is my one out of the five who could take his role as pet owner seriously. David doesn't think so but I haven't told him yet that if I am wrong and Zach wouldn't step up to the plate, I am more than willing to pick up the slack. I wasn't ready six months ago but hearing Zach go on about dogs and watching him grow over the past year, I am ready to help him (and the rest of the children) develop new skills. Plus, on the up side, it would give him another thing to obsess over as summer is coming and the video games take center stage in his brain!

It's just a thought.

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