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Saturday, May 2, 2015

76 Trombones...Well, Let's Start With One!

Ryan has become quite the musician this year. Up above you will see him at the spring band concert peeking up over his music stand about mid picture. This is where he sits in the band this year with the euphonium players. He started with the baritone last year in fifth grade and has that place in the sixth grade band this year.

He took it upon himself to learn the drums so he could play in the show choir band and excelled in that this year which was one of those times I can be proud that he has taken the initiative and sought after something that takes hard work and patience. I have already reported a little bit about his drumming earlier this spring at competition time.

It is here though that I would like to insert a couple of new pictures into his musical story. There is a need for more trombones in the seventh grade jazz band next year so his band teacher asked him if he wanted to learn trombone. He was all over it and has now been bringing home the trombone and practicing all of the music he has played in fifth and sixth grade band on his baritone/euphonium.

The music seems familiar to me, but the sound is just a little different. I hear from the other side of the house and pause to remind myself that he is actually playing the trombone. He has picked it up very fast!

Still plugging away on the piano I know that the background he has gotten with Rosie on the piano has opened so many doors for him to learn new instruments. He is so excited about all these opportunities! There is definitely music in his blood and he is learning to share it!

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