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Saturday, May 16, 2015

A First Time for Everything!

Ugh! It finally happened. I had heard of people running over their fingers with the sewing machine but it had never happened to me. That is until yesterday! What a great couple of days it had been sitting at the machine and cranking out some projects that I had planned ahead for properly and could complete before they were actually needed. That is a little unlike me!

The last square of the quilt I was working on and the blanket got caught on the edge of the tray. Pulling a little too hard, the fabric jerked and my thumb ended up under the needle. All I knew is that it happened. My other hand went right to the thumb and squeezed it tight. I didn't want to look at it.

When I did I was surprised to find that it was just a little prick, like when I stick myself with a pin or needle. Okay, not bad I thought. Then I went to reach for the quilt to straighten it out and I noticed the machine needle. Bent...It is hard to see from the picture but it was bent at almost a 45 degree angle! Reaching for my needles to change it out was when I saw the under side of my thumb. There was bleeding there too.

The needle actually hit my thumb nail first and then went through the edge of my thumb. So there was an entrance and an exit wound. That is when my stomach started to get a little queezy and as I was squeezing I could feel the pain.

Oh man! The last square to quilt and I did this!

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