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Thursday, May 21, 2015

TBT: It Was A Marcus Welby Night in 1970

My mom was watching Marcus Welby, M.D. and if I had been born during the regular season, I would be able to tell you exactly what episode it was because on Amazon, they list the air dates. I tried once a couple years ago to buy the episode that aired on my birthday and have my mom over to watch together. She loved that show. I remember that much as a small child.

I ran into a problem finding the exact episode because the season ended in April, just a few weeks before I was born so it was a rerun the night I decided to grace the world with my presence. I ran out of ideas to figure out which episode would have aired on May 19, 1970. All I know is that Mom loved the show and I was nice enough to let her finish watching it before she had to go off to the hospital where I arrived not too long after midnight.

My birthday was yesterday and it was very nice. The kids cleaned a bunch the night before and told me not to do any chores while I was home during the day. No problem there, I had a couple of timely projects going on in my sewing room that needed my full attention so that is where I spent most of my day with great success.

Grandpa and I playing way back when

One thing that has been a relatively new emotion on my birthday every year is missing my grandpa. He sent out his last batch of birthday cards the day before he had his stroke. A couple months later he passed away. Grandpa had a sixth sense. He was able to send out birthday/anniversary cards exactly enough days before the event that the card would get there every year without fail on the birthday or anniversary. Every year since, I remember and smile but also feel a little sad when I open my mailbox on my birthday. I will always know that there is something missing. Grandpa loved us kids. He always let us hang around where he was working and was interested in hearing about what we were up to when we visited. Everyone should have people like that in their lives.

I have come a long way in forty-five years. I have learned a lot and have a lot more to learn. I am definitely blessed with the life God has given me. No doubt about that.

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