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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Walgreen Saves the Day!

I remember when Ryan was around seven thinking "what is wrong with this boy?" Having not been a boy I wasn't familiar with their ways. Even though I had three brothers I never saw them from a parent's point of view and so I was rather mystified with his behavior at times. I would wonder "how many times do I have to repeat myself looking right at him before he gets what it is I am saying." His usual response was a blank faced "what?"

Around that time he had a friend overnight and I realized, this must be a common thing with boys this age. His friend was the same way. I picked up a couple of the raising boy books in the bookstore and was relieved to find that he was totally normal! Phew! Now having two more sons, nothing really surprises me anymore and I am more prepared for the "ways of the boy"!

I have been thinking lately about all of the things I want to be sure we cover while our 12-year-olds are still under our roof (because lets face it, these last 12 years went by like a blink!) Friday was a a reminder that I still have some work to do.

He came home from school and like everyone in our house who likes to play video games, was eager to play his thirty minutes of allotted time. I told him which chores needed to be done and that he needed to be packed for his sleepover that was occurring a little later in the evening. He was good with all of that and went on his way to get started.

About fifteen minutes later I saw him on the couch with his brothers, all of them playing their electronic devices. I asked him if he got all of that done and he said yes and that he was packed and ready to go. When it came time to leave he got his stuff and proceeded to get into the van. After dropping his brother off at soccer practice, we were on the way to Walgreen to pick up a birthday / gift card. He turned to me and said "oh no, I forgot my allergy medicine!"

He asked if we could go home and get it and I told him no, if he has his inhaler he will be fine for a night. Well, he didn't. Hmmm...he knew exactly the lesson he was learning from all of this and you can be sure I will remind him next time we have to pack for anything. (Because that is just one of those things in my job description).

When we got to Walgreen I told him to go pick out a card and gift card and I would shop for what I needed. Thankfully, with Walgreen's computer system I checked and found out we could get both of Ryan's prescriptions refilled right then. Having not been (or ever will be) a mom, Ryan is sometimes mystified by the tricks I pull out to make things work out. He was pretty relieved and impressed that I knew how to fix the problem without us having to drive all the way home. He told me he is sure that he will remember next time. That is what life is all about!

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