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Thursday, April 30, 2015

TBT: Didn't They Just Turn Seven?

I posted my cutie patootie picture from yesterday and have been thinking a lot about motherhood. There are so many things that happen that don't meet my expectations. I mean, really, have I EVER really executed a plan A through to completion? Seems like there are always alterations to the plan when raising a family.

Here is that famous example. I have been working slowly again on scrapbooks. The kids like to have the books that I have finished because they can sit down and look through memories. We always have such fun conversations recollecting the events and the feelings that went along with the activities that are documented on the pages.

I am still working through 2009. It was September, I had a scheduled C-section on Monday (the 14th) with a triplet birthday party to host the Saturday (the 12th) before. After the three birthday cakes were done though, late Friday (actually, early Saturday) a night of rest was not in the ultimate plan. By 7 a.m. I was in the hospital getting prepped for my C-section. Someone did NOT want to wait for the party!

I didn't get to go to this party, I just have the pictures and the stories as told by others. That is why when I put the pages together for the scrapbook, there are lots of pictures and no words. I just have to say I wasn't there.

The triplets are asking me what we are going to do in September for their 13th and GOLDEN birthday. Of course I have been thinking about some ideas with all their asking, but for now I answer with a smile and say "didn't you JUST turn seven?"

Time flies when you are having fun!

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