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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Big Week For My Little Man

As we finished up last week and look to start a new week coming up, I have to say, Matthew had a great week. He had a big announcement almost every day after school. He got the "superhero cape" in library, he got to sit in the "special chair" in music class, and he was the number one chore doer in the house with good attitude and everything! Yesterday we even found out that he has grown an inch since November! For him that was BIG!

There was also an unpleasant first he had to deal with last week. That being getting his first two fillings in his teeth. It seems that he and his brother Zach have groovy teeth that are more prone to cavities. The two of them combined have more than the triplets put together. Actually, to be honest, Zach had them beat before Matthew added these two this past week. Poor guys!

Not making a big deal out of it and Matt not really knowing much about what happens to fill teeth, we set off to the dentist on Wednesday. I picked him up from school and off we went. The ladies are great in the dentist office explaining the different instruments calling them by cute little kid-friendly names saying they are going to get rid of the sugar bugs.

The dentist had told me that the cavities weren't very deep and they may not have to use Novocain. They got him all ready to go and told him to raise his hand up if there was anything he needed. The drill they referred to as the tickler or something similar to that. So Doctor Amy would say "okay, here comes a tickle" and she would start in.

He kept nodding that he was fine when we would check in and ask him so she moved on to the other side where the other cavity was. He seemed to be doing great. Before we knew it he was done and I was proud of him for getting through without too much trouble. It didn't seem to be as rough as I had thought it would be.

It was on the way home when I heard from the backseat...

"Hey, Mom, that tickler thing didn't just tickle, it hurt a little bit too"... PAUSE..."Actually, it hurt A LOT!"

"Why didn't you raise your hand to let Dr. Amy know?" I asked him feeling pretty awful about it.

He answered me in the most classic Matthew voice "because I was just being brave Mom."

Yes, yes you were sweet boy!

I assured him during the next couple of days following that his teeth would get used to the new fillings and wouldn't hurt as much when he ate and last night when I tucked him in he happily announced "hey Mom! My teeth hardly hurt at all anymore!" Phew! I am pretty proud of that boy! He really is tough, but then he always has been!

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