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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Snow After All

It was sometime last week when I heard one of the kids yelling from behind the iPad (where they love to check the weather forecast regularly) "Hey, Mom, it is going to snow next Tuesday!  Yes, I am sure it is, I remember thinking in that passing moment.  Well, low and behold, we get to see one last snowfall on 27th Street after all.

It started slushy and then the white flakes fell nice and steady for an hour or so.  Not too much, just enough to put a little dusting here and there that will be gone by the time the kids get home from school unless another round comes through before then.

As you can see, the termite infested pile of wood is still sitting in the corner of the patio waiting to be hauled away.  I should be running around the house packing things today but something about this softly floating snow makes me want to just put in ONE MORE DAY of resting and crafting from my recliner.

I will fill the five boxes I have left today and jump in with both feet tomorrow and go room by room.  Laundry/sewing room first tomorrow and then it will be bedrooms and un-necessary kitchen items.  We are looking forward to the move and being able to reach into the closet again for winter clothes!  Guess who packed ALL of her husband's sweatshirts back in July when we were trying to declutter.  Yep, that would be me!  OOPS!

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