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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Great Big Healthcare Overhaul Would Help Tremendously!

Here is something totally ridiculous!  See this picture?

This is a box of medical supplies that came the second day I had my wound vac and was filled with the parts I needed to bring in with me to the clinic each time it was changed out.  Because of the doctor deciding to do another surgery instead of keep going with the wound vac, after five days of that, we stopped it.

Today I sent back the vac to the company.  I asked what I do with all these supplies that I didn't use and how I could get them back to the company.  The lady on the phone told me I could just discard them as they won't take them back.  I can't tell you how many of each piece there are in the box, I am too angry to count them up but what a waste!

I will call the wound clinic later and see if they can use them in the office at all because three boxes full of the stuff aren't even opened!  Everything is packed tight.

My suggestion to end the mess in Washington and the immature "fight in the playground" our government is having AGAIN is that we audit the current health care plan and find the problems - like THIS ONE for example and overhaul the procedures.  By doing that, I am pretty sure that we could save a whole bunch of money.  There was no need for this company to send this stuff when I still had two weeks of supplies with the original package they sent.

There is my little piece of political input for today...and many days to come!

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