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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Fun New Little Tool

I pulled out a new cross stitch project after over a decade of stitching and am SO happy I did.  Nothing like getting excited knowing you haven't forgotten a craft that you loved!  I suppose I should mention that I did have to buy a lighted magnifying glass in order to stitch comfortably but my hands don't wear out as fast as they do when I am crocheting or knitting.

Not super excited about having to purchase the magnifying glass for my 40+ year-old eyes, I do have to say there is one little thing that I purchased that has made this project so much more fun.  It is a Morgan Lap Stand Combo.

Two hoops are connected together to make it a perfect lap stand.  I have tried many lap stands because I love to cross stitch with one hand on top and one hand underneath.  When you have to also hold the hoop, it doesn't work very efficiently.

The ones I have tried in the past have been so bulky and big.  This one fits perfectly in my recovering lap, isn't too heavy and is very sturdy.  It doesn't move with each stitch and with the eye problem I mentioned above, the more steady, the faster and more accurate I can stitch.

I can turn it over and do all the work underneath without unhooking it from anything or taking any of it apart.  It is the perfect thing for me.  I am sure that I will keep stitching with this new innovation!

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