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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey has been eaten and the first 3 rounds of clean up have occurred.  The children are tucked away in their beds and we grown ups are enjoying one last night with Michelle here before she flies back tomorrow.  It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is over and people are talking about the deals they are getting as they stand in line shopping "Black Friday" sales that now start on Thursday night.

I am not a shopper.  I will sit down with my list and search the internet for deals and have them shipped to my door before I go out and fight crowds and the craziness that I find has become part of going to the mall in December.  Memories of Thanksgiving 2012 are these...ice skating with the kids, the sadness of Dawn opening her ornaments to put up on the tree and one of her favorites was broken, only to be replaced soon after by one of my special ones I wanted her to keep for her own.  Incredible Hulk hands for a boy half their size, attempts at gluten free garlic rolls that didn't turn out too bad, and Adonis stopping by with Mom and Dad for supper and a marathon game of UNO with the kids.

The whole day was a great beginning to the upcoming Christmas season.  Rather than what I hear from so many people who dread the holidays, I love everything about the season.  Mostly because my Jesus was born and came to earth to be the God-man who died to makes life possible for me.  What did I do to deserve it?  Not a thing...and he lovingly reminds me of that every time I stumble and feel so awful about it.  Yes, Thanksgiving is a wonderful way to start the Christmas season.  I love reflecting on the year behind and planning for a new year ahead.  While I bake and shop and decorate I love to ponder His love for me and those who mean so much to me!

I am thankful for the ability to watch my family mature and enjoy each other.  I see as Zach shared today "I am thankful for my brothers because I love them" the true depth of his love every day - times 5 when I count all the other little people under my roof.  God has blessed us in such amazing ways.  Each day is such a gift!

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