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Thursday, November 15, 2012


November has become our month of being thankful, at least in the United States.  With the popularity of Facebook and other social outlets online, we see a lot more "thankful" lists from people we know well, people we have spent time with before and even those we knew better long ago.

I love that Thanksgiving comes right before we start celebrating God's plan to send His Son to the earth during the Christmas season.  It is the beginning of my annual pondering when I look on the past year and evaluate and then look ahead at the coming year and plan.  Snuggling under a blanket with a warm cup of coffee as the Christmas lights sparkle from the tree makes the whole experience something to look forward to all year.

It is the time for hot drinks in mugs, fleece blankets and afghans folded over the back of the couch to grab when we get chilly reading or watching television.  It is also the time for snuggling and enjoying laughter and silliness along with deeper discussions together about the serious issues of life and where our family wants to spend its time and energy.

Togetherness...we cherish that in our house.  Most especially now as the children are getting older and their world has expanded past the borders of our backyard and into the community to various venues.  We have become busy this year!  I have heard the kids at different times echo my thoughts when they say "Mom, can we just hang out and snuggle tonight, or do we have somewhere we have to go?"  I am thankful for time to spend laughing, talking, sharing and growing together right in our living room!

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