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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coffee Diva

Stacey is the coffee making girl in our house.  She loves to make coffee on Saturday morning when we have a little extra time to sit and relax and enjoy a cup or two.  Whenever she hears that it is time to make coffee, she is up and running.  She gets to use our new coffee scoop which I brought home from Door County last month.  It was a little splurge to have something new after 20 years of using the tablespoon measure from the set of measuring spoons we got for our wedding.

Holidays are wonderful with a designated coffee maker in the house.  She knows how to make the perfect ratio of coffee to water, and then she remembers that daddy likes just a smidge of creamer and mom likes a little more to produce a wonderful coffee drinking experience.  She is always willing to jump up and top off a cup if it is getting cool.

Maybe Starbucks is in this girl's future!

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