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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Strength of a Mother's Words

I am cruising toward middle age learning day by day how to parent children that are getting older. Meanwhile still trying new things myself, I will run into discouragement along the way. I spent my time on fun projects today. This afternoon I went into my sewing room and tackled this week's blocks, the star and the heart for our crumb quilt. (www.joscountryjunction.com)

I tried the star block on Tuesday and it was terrible. I didn't have anything to scale and the block was bigger than it should have been. Thankfully in crumb blocks, I can just cut it into strips and throw it in with other blocks. To "reset" so to speak, I went back to the flying geese I had started. There were two more to finish so that is what I started with. Then, on to some heart blocks. Those went better and I am excited to show Dawn because she will enjoy the hearts. I did tweak the second star block I tried on Tuesday and am pretty happy with it.
Being alittle unsure of myself and my quilting, I wasn't thinking too positively about my efforts. I don't know what led me to throw the squares I had done into my purse when I dropped the kids off at my mom's house for a sleepover. I chatted with her for a little while and told her about my day in the sewing room. She was of course supportive and wanted to see the squares. After showing her she actually "wowed" over them! I was surprised that she found them to be so good (my own opinion was not as high). So, I will keep working on my blocks, thanks to my mom who thinks I do pretty good work!

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