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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Little Man I Spend My Days With

My day started out with quite a giggle this morning. Having Daddy gone all week has taken its toll and we are all ready for him to return tomorrow. My little man (spittin' image of his daddy) was in my bedroom with me as I was getting ready for my day. He looked down at the floor where his daddy's shoes were and he said "There's Daddy's shoes". In the automatic response mode that I spend most of my day in, I replied "Yes, those are Daddy's shoes". After a short pause he said "Daddy barefoot!" Precious, precious observation and with real concern in his tone that his father must be spending his entire week in Washington without his shoes.
Four off to school, one home with me. These last few weeks getting used to having a "tag-a-long" have been quite an adjustment for all of us. The big kids at school are doing well in their adjustment to a new school year. Matt and I? Well, we are a work in progress.
His most common question is "I help, Mommy?" So, I hoist him up on the dryer so he can throw dirty clothes into the washer, I show him where the plastic containers go when we are unloading the dishwasher, and well, you get the picture. Being the social creature that he is (my first social son), there always has to be a conversation going on. He is quite a blessing...totally unexpected, not so unlike many of the comments I find coming out of his mouth that fill my day with joy.

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