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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cancer Files: No More JP Drains!

After surgery I came out with four JP Drains at my incision sites.  They were very uncomfortable under my arms and I was pretty excited to get them out two days after being released from the hospital because they stopped draining large amounts.  Being in the hospital for four days, most of the emptying and record keeping was done by the nurses.

Dawn has been quite the home care assistant since I have been home.  I have enjoyed having her to keep me company and not get freaked out by the paraphernalia that is required with such a surgery.  I was explaining at home to those who wanted to hear about it what the drain looks like once it comes out.  The white part (A) in the picture is inside with all of those little holes and collects the extra fluid.  Then when you close the valve on the outside bulb part it creates a suction and that extra fluid comes out.  Don't ask me why, but Dawn LOVED the science part of all of this.

Drain free!
So, when she heard me explaining about what the drain looked like inside she begged for me to let her come to the next appointment where the first hip drain came out.  Thankfully those aren't as uncomfortable because the white part inside is in a straight line instead of wrapped all around the new breast tissue!  Not nearly as uncomfortable to remove.  Thankfully, she had still not started school yet and was able to join her Dad and I when the drain came out!  She thought it was cool.

I can't wait for this afternoon when I can take my first shower without the drains (you have to wait 24 hours before showering after removal).  It will still be a long time till I can soak in the tub, but I am hopeful for the day when that again will be part of my routine.

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