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Friday, September 6, 2013

Cancer Files: Lets Put Things in Perspective...Thanks to YouTube!

The girls were interested tonight in the progress of my healing.  David gave them permission to be his assistants as he checked out incisions, changed out gauze and put the antibiotic ointment on the "angry spots".

They were both very excited to see my progress because they recognized things are healing.  Seeing them smiling and encouraged lifted my spirits for sure.

Dawn is extremely interested in my new belly button and just thinks it is funny that they would make me a new one!  She was wondering how they do it so I told her I would try to find her a YouTube video and we could watch it tomorrow.

DAY 22
So, armed with a pick me up from my daughters telling me how great everything looks, after bedtime, I took my Nook to my bed and searched YouTube.  Guess where I ended up?  YES...viewing all kinds of videos!  Here have been some of my questions since surgery: Why do my ribs STILL hurt?  Why are there these two poke-like holes on my hip area right above the incision? Why does if feel like I have been hit by a MAC truck if I am 1 minute too late with my pain meds, and why can't I function without the pain meds 22 days after surgery?

I found the answers to those questions and feel pretty darn good about my recovery half way to six weeks.  Why a change in perspective?  How have I developed a new found patience with myself I didn't have yesterday?  Well, I eventually found two YouTube videos of my surgery.  The exact thing that I had done I watched being done to someone else, and I will tell you, I looked pretty good on day 1 now that I know what really happened while I was sleeping!

No more being hard on myself...we are going to make it, I will go walking again.  I will be caught up on laundry some day and I will make my bed one day because I KNOW I won't be getting back into it until bedtime.  That day is not today, and that is OKAY!

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