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Monday, July 10, 2017

The Rest of the Story...Oh HAPPY Day!

This story really starts back in October when I got my new red "Mom taxi". The decision about the old blue to "drive it into the ground" came true for us a little sooner than we had expected. Something was knocking and it wasn't sounding good. David gave a valiant effort but it wasn't to be. So, in came the new red van right next to old blue up on blocks.

Valiant effort to revive the beast to no avail
FAST FORWARD nine months (yes, the amount of time it takes to grow a human being) and we have this beautiful and glorious day when the old blue was taken away! All it took was four phone calls til number five gave me an estimate of $190-200 for the steel and they would come haul it away for free. Believe you me...nine months of seeing that beast smack dab in the middle of our garage I was singing hallelujah and asking "how soon can you be here?!"

Tomorrow was her answer, the truck was going home with one of the guys who was picking up another vehicle on his way home, could he swing by on his way to work tomorrow between 7-7:30? Yes! It will definitely work!

 The only thing that made me sad is that not one single child in my house is up these busy summer days before eight so they missed the whole glorious thing!

Not me though, I stood out there and savored it all. Even when we found that the brakes had seized up over time and the van had to be dragged up onto the truck (not a tire turning).

I am happy to tell this great story because once again the garage looks relatively clean and the best part is that we CAN have a garage sale this summer after all!

So you can guess what my next thing on my to do list...get ready for the garage sale! How in the world to we get so much stuff piling up. My least favorite thing to do is go through old clothes and that is what we will be doing the most of.

Saturday I was happy to get the mail and find that there was a check from CC Recycling for more than the quote. Woo hoo! A great ending to a story that has dragged on for way too long. If I had known it would be this easy I would have called in November!

Live and learn!

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