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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Someone is eleven today! Happy Birthday Zachary! I remember the day you came so very well and we have celebrated ever since!

Last night we started the festivities with his chosen meal at Oyamas...SUSHI! Everyone was in favor of that of course since we have a houseful of sushi lovers. After dinner we ended up at Dick's sporting goods to pick Zach out a pair of hiking boots. He has now been on three boy scout camp outs and last weekend he told about a five hour hike and how tired his feet were. He will be excited to have his boots for scout camp next month!

This morning he had cinnamon roll cake for breakfast and we sang happy birthday. He said it was a little weird since it didn't really look like a birthday cake. He blew out his candles anyway and had an extra piece after he ate the first. It was yummy!

For the rest of the day he plans to go bowling and watch "The Secret Life of Pets" which brings with it arguments from almost every other member of the family. You see, he has watched it close to a million times. Matthew says it has been a million. Well, it is his birthday.

The hardest part was waiting to open presents until Stacey got back from basketball practice! We knew she would be made if we opened without her here. Zach is really good at waiting! He just spent his time writing some music. He is a composer you know. Thanks to Note Flight software we have found something he enjoys just as much as video games. His songs are good too. Just another little insight into his awesome mind I get to see/hear every time he says "hey Mom, wanna hear my new song?" Of course I do...and I love it every single time!


  1. You have a smart boy! I'd love that breakfast cinnamon roll cake! :). Happy birthday!

    1. It is pretty yummy! And quick and easy too!😊