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Friday, June 17, 2016

Catching Up With This Busy Year

I just snapped this picture to prove that I have been thinking and planning what I am going to sit down and blog over the last month or so. I have so much catching up to do! Life was busy this year at school with three seventh graders. They all did so well in their sports and other activities! It is amazing how fast time flies by. And, I wanted to be so good at keeping everyone from far away updated and now it is cancer again that leads me back to the blog.

BUT...life in the Sloan house is not all about me. There are so many other great things that have happened and are happening! I will start today by sharing a few pictures from our track season. There were two runners this season, Stacey and Ryan. Both of them pushed themselves to learn new things and grow more confident and able. It was fun to cheer them on in the stands.

Ryan jumped right in to the hurdles. He told me that he had not done them before but I didn't realize til the actual race that he really had NEVER done them before! I wasn't sure why his coach didn't help him at practice with them but as it turned out, he looked pretty great! He was a regular in the hurdle events all season long and got better and better as he got more experienced.

Stacey started and ended strong. The two weeks in the middle (when most of the track meets were held) she was in a boot! She developed a stress fracture on her right shin and sat out all but three of the meets. The day after the boot came off she was on the track for the last meet of the season. She didn't do to bad for herself bringing home two first place finishes and a second place. She is a runner and loves track. She hates the pictures I take of her but I love the grit and determination I see in her face. Being her mom, I get to post them if I want to! (I mean really, why else do I sit in the stands for hours cheering them on if I can't post a few pictures too!)

 It was a fun and busy spring. I imagine that I will be a little less active in the months ahead. Which forces me to rest when I would rather be part of life going on around me. I have already picked out pictures to post and write about (see picture above) and will enjoy the therapy of chronicling this past spring which I have been so delinquent in doing up til now. I am looking forward to next year even more because we have done the busy middle school schedule already.

Now that I know what to expect I say bring on 8th grade times three with cross country, show choir, band, (hopefully some more Opus experience), basketball and track!

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