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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Time to Bless Someone Else

Here is an interesting story:
I was about 1st or 2nd grade when my mom and I were reading the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I loved the books as she read them to me and was amazed by all of the stories Laura told of life on the prairie. We were given the opportunity on a trip to purchase the whole set in paperback with some of the spending money we had brought along. 
These books were a treasure to me. I kept them in the box when I wasn't reading them and revisited them on occasion when I wanted to feel as though I was spending time with a good friend.
Some of the books as you can see have not survived the passing of time. It would have been 1976 or 1977 when they were purchased. I open each one and see my name in my mom's handwriting in the top left corner of each inside cover. I see my return address sticker there too because I wanted to be sure that if ever one was to be misplaced, there would be a way for me to have it returned to me.

The bindings were worn and with all the hot and cold they endured in the storage process through the years, they all needed packing tape reinforcement today. That is what I did. Reinforced each one that was salvageable. Then I set aside my copy of Little House in the Big Woods. I think I will save it for my first grand daughter.
The rest I just can't bring myself to keep. They have some good reading left to them for someone who would appreciate them. I did decide however to throw away the box. It was pretty tattered and worn, so out in the garage it went with the rest of the cardboard. I had to throw away Farmer Boy. As you can see above, it was in pieces but the rest were still in pretty good shape. Little House on the Prairie has been gone for years. It was the most worn of them all.

Don't think that I am getting rid of these great books. No...I have them all in hard back on my library shelf. Many years ago before I had children of my own, I had saved up and purchased the hard back copies. That is why I can't bring myself to keep these. I am trying to pair things down as I get older. Simplify my life so to speak. My girls aren't really interested in them but maybe someday.

That is when something interesting happened. During a scouting event the aunt of one of our scouts came over to my house to pick up some popcorn. She noticed in my pile of cardboard to break down, the box that the Little House books had been kept in. She picked it up and asked me if she could have it. She would tape it up and use it to hold the ones she wanted to purchase. She had wanted the books all of her life and was going to purchase them as she was able.

I was so excited to tell her that I had six of them downstairs in a book bin waiting for a new home if she wanted to love them. She was very grateful and I was happy to find someone who even as an adult appreciates these simply written accounts of a life long ago.

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