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Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday From the Heart: September 11th

Although there is a sadness that has come with September 11th in our country since 2001, I have always been thankful that God gave the Sloans something happy to commemorate the very next year to remind us that life and hope are still a part of His plan.

Here I am...thirteen years ago. I call these my "freak of nature" pictures. God grew three new little people while I watched myself expand in the mirror day by day. When you have multiples you really can see day by day the way they are growing!

I thank my God for His mercy to me and for giving us the miracle that we live today. Those were exciting days...two days before they arrived I was SO READY to hold my babies in my arms! Today, thirteen years later we are celebrating teenagers and it has only gotten better!


  1. You are so tiny its a miracle you could carry three. I did not know you then but I see the love and joy that God brings to you not only in your children but in life. Love you all

    1. You are so sweet to say...I certainly did not feel that tiny back then!

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