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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Survivor Files: HEALED!

I went to the Wound Clinic today and was given the "all clear"!  See what was written across my check out papers! HEALED!  What a great word!  I am feeling so much better physically now and by taking my multivitamin on a regular basis and adding extra iron to take care of the anemia problem I have started dealing with in my post-40 years.  The energy level is higher and my outlook is more positive.  Now as the last few weeks of the healing continues and the skin gets thicker and less fragile, I will be preparing for two more less-invasive reconstruction surgeries in the upcoming months.

Bye bye Wound Vac!

I got to pack up the wound vac and get it sent back to KCI without any tears or the least bit of sentimentality!  It is amazing AGAIN how much waste there is in this whole process.  There were 8-10 packs left over each of the canisters and the sponge/tubing.  Once again KCI won't take hundreds of dollars of parts that go along with the vac, they just want the vac.  I took the boxes of supplies into the Wound clinic so they can use them for whatever.  Glad again that there is something I can do with them because I can't throw all of that away.  I am so excited to be rid of all of it and I hope that I will never have to do it again!
Here is a new development: when I am wearing lower jeans and
shorter waisted shirts I don't know that my belly is sticking out
because all of my stomach is numb.  So, if you are out with me
in the future and you see my stomach, know that it isn't planned,
I can't feel that my skin is showing.  Please tell me!

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