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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You'll Be In My Heart

Stacey was about two when I introduced her to this song. It's from the Tarzan Disney movie, written by Phil Collins. David and I were visiting friends who had kids back when it was out in the theaters and although for 10 years of our marriage, we didn't have kids, we still were suckers for a good Disney movie. So, we went with our friends and their kids to see the movie.

Although the circumstances of my life have changed dramatically since then, I will never forget the years we wondered if we would ever have children. I heard the song "You'll Be in My Heart" in the movie and strange lyric rememberer that I am, I tucked it away for another day thinking "this will be a great lullaby song someday".

Fast forward to when the triplets were two. It was then that they each had to have their own song for me to sing to them before bed. There were many for them to choose from at the time but one night I remembered my experience in the theater watching Tarzan. I was a little disappointed with myself for not remembering it sooner since my "babies" were now two.

Stacey loved it from the start. Probably because at that stage she was crying almost every night because she never wanted to go to bed and the opening line to the song is "come stop your crying...". Or, maybe it was because it is the longest of all the songs I had sung to them which works perfect for her since she is the princess of dragging bedtime out as long as possible.

Whatever it is, it was a very fun thing to sit with her tonight at her piano lesson, and play her "night night" song with her as a duet. She was so excited to get it on video tonight with no mistakes, the only problem is that it is too big to post! :(

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