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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ice Skating Fun

Michelle was here over the Thanksgiving holiday and when David asked her what she wanted to do she told him ICE SKATING! It was in 2008 when she was up for a visit that we took her ice skating for the first time because the triplets wanted to go.

A couple of things surprised me this time we were on the ice. Ryan and Chelle could be seen skating around the rink quite a lot. He said he enjoyed skating with his auntie. The other thing that surprised me was Zachary his first time on the skates.

Once we got the right size skate on his foot, he was determined to skate away from the wall. Within 15 minutes he was venturing out with the rest of them. He liked to find a straight line across the rink and see if he could stay on the line. He loved it even more when Dawn let him borrow her gloves. Dawn was a good help for him giving him all kinds of advice. I love seeing my kids working together to tackle a challenge. It was a fun day!

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