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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Change of Venue

An anniversary; quiet candlelit dinner for two, wine, soft music in the background, scrumptious food that is way overpriced, an opportunity to wear that little black dress (the one that has grown just a little bigger through the years)...is that not the picture you think of when you think about an anniversary celebration? Well, tonight on my 19th anniversary, supper dishes are cleaned up, kids are playing in the backyard and husband is at band practice. It is okay, it gives me a chance to introduce the new blog. I still have a little time before the kids make it into their beds and my wonderful husband returns with the expensive cheese we will share with our wine this evening.
Call me a little bit strange, but after our 5th was born, I lost some of my enthusiasm for my "Fun with Four" blog. It felt like I was leaving him out. Speaking of my last born, it has been since his arrival that I have felt like my life has spun totally out of control. I have kept it pretty much under wraps for anyone looking in from the outside but I found myself many times wondering how in the world my mother and so many others I know with larger families keep it together?
I have read so many books on how to keep up with the housekeeping, how to plan meals and even how to train my children how to clean up after themselves. I even have Flylady telling me each day what I should be doing to keep up with my laundry and housework. After all of that I have determined that only I can answer that question...how do I keep it together?

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