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Saturday, March 4, 2017

What? Strep...Are You Sure?

Last Friday afternoon I arrived at the high school with my bleacher seat at 2:00 p.m. The middle schoolers in my house were going to be performing for the last time at the Marion Masquerade. Last time I should say, as middle schoolers. I reported a little bit about them last week so I won't go into that here.

I arrived at two in order to watch Ryan as he is the drummer for the Vernon pep show choir Voltage. They were starting off the day with their performance at 2:15 p.m. The thing about the schedule was that Velocity, the choir that Dawn and Ryan sing in didn't perform until 9:00 p.m. I enjoy watching show choir so I was ready with my bleacher seat to spend the afternoon/evening there.

Mom and Dad were going to come later, a little closer to the time that the kids perform. I had asked them if they wanted to check in with Zachary or Matthew to see if they wanted to come. At about 8:00 they came and Matthew was with them. Our discussion went something like this.

Me: Hey! What have you been doing all afternoon? (they didn't have school)
Matthew: I have been laying on the couch wrapped in a blanket. For some reason it is really cold in our house today.
Me: Oh, okay. (thinking that is pretty strange)

The next choir was about to perform and so I turned to him and said, "hey, do you want to sit on my lap for a better view?" He climbed right up and we settled in to watch the performance. It didn't take long for me to figure out that I was correct, something isn't right here. This boy has a fever. I could tell just by having him on my lap. By the time that choir had finished he had his head against my shoulder.

I asked him "you really want to be back on the couch wrapped in that blanket don't you?" He nodded and I told him I know he doesn't feel good. So, I called his dad and David came and picked him up. Poor boy, he felt decent laying down all afternoon but once he got up and started moving around he was miserable.

So I thought here is number four that has succumbed to the flu. Saturday went by with everything on the schedule being done (Matt had to miss the Blue and Gold scout banquet which he was bummed about). But then the evening struck. Fever up to 103.8 and ibuprofen was not even touching it. I get a little on edge when my kids are up that high since it is very rare and I had never had a kid who wouldn't drop their temp when they got medicine.

For six hours we tried to get his fever down with ice under both armpits, a cool bath, three popcycles...and nothing. David took a run to the store for the liquid tylenol and we gave him that finally when he could have his next dose and slowly he was down in the 100's which made him much more comfortable.

Sunday, he started spiking again at 2:30 so I took him to the urgent care. To my total surprise and shock his strep test came back positive. Wow...we have never had strep in our house. It just has never been something we deal with. But, awesome because he can have antibiotic and feel better quicker. So he started on his medicine.

He had to stay home on Monday because he hadn't been on meds 24 hours yet. So, he played video games while I worked on some projects in my recliner. As you can see he pulled out the old Mario game and started saying..."I bet you don't know about this" and he would find a secret mushroom or 1 up. He was impressed when I told him "yes, I knew that". I explained to him that this is the only version of Mario there was when I was younger. I know where to find all the secret hidden things. He thought that was pretty cool and I enjoyed my day with Matthew. Although he did beat me handily in Wii bowling several times. (I may have to do some secret practicing!)

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