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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Survival Files: The "M" Word Again

Apparently you can have a mastectomy of your mastectomy! The surgeons office called yesterday afternoon and said they could get me in this morning, so I went in to talk to my team. This group has seen me often and just seeing the looks and the sadness in seeing me again hit me a little hard. They are baffled too.

I don't know what I was thinking before I went in or what I would find out but when there are "lumps" I just figured they would go in and get them out of there. Thankfully, I am not the surgeon who deals with cancer because that is not the case. She wants to remove the whole area including the skin where 1% of my breast tissue still remain. When she said "we will remove the tram" I almost lost it. All of that work to look somewhat normal and all now will be removed.

My plastic surgeon came in and consulted and he thinks he may be able to stretch the skin I will have remaining over the tram or part if they can keep a portion of it. If I don't have enough skin to stretch then they will have to remove the reconstruction. At this stage, an implant will not be an option so the balance will lie in how much the cancer surgeon wants to take (and we want her to take everything she thinks needs to come out) and the plastic surgeon being able to stretch skin over what is left.

Surgery will be next Friday, July 8th. I won't lie...I am a teeny tiny bit heartbroken about this. God and I will work it out as He is always there to listen to my struggles...and I will have a few days at camp to let it all sink while I encourage and help and keep my mind on what is important! 

Specific prayer needs for today:
  • Peace in my heart
  • Not a total loss of tram if at all possible
  • First iron infusion this afternoon to be tolerated well
  • Awesome healing without any issues
  • An AWESOME time at camp!

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