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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Scout Camp

The last couple of days have NOT been spent sitting around my house worrying about my appointment tomorrow. Oh NO! We have been having a blast at Camp Waubeek making ice cream in Ziploc bags, riding horses, shooting bow and arrow, and BB guns. Not to mention Ga Ga Ball playing, kickball, and even learning a little sewing with a needle today! Here are just a few great moments:

Brothers enjoying the ice cream they made all
by themselves!

A little boy on a big horse.
A little dark but I LOVE that face!

"Mom, can I get a REAL bow?"

Zachary shooting his bow

BB gun shooting...always point the gun down range. Safety first!

Zach shooting BB gun.
Athough most of these things Zachary got to do last year, he is still excited to do them again. A new event this year is the slingshots! They are not as easy to aim, but patience and practice are also things every scout should learn!

They get to go back tomorrow while I stay here and to my doctor stuff. I am glad for this very fun distraction for them AND for me. Hopefully, I can be there Thursday for their last day. We will see tomorrow after we find out the schedule that the doctor has set for me.

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