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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Family Night at Wakonda

Ryan has been away all week at camp and it is about this time in the week that I start missing him. I am glad that we have a chance to go have dinner with him and hang out for a bit. He informed me that even though while I was praying for him in the middle of the night last night during the storms that he slept well in his tent in the thunderstorm.

I have to tell on him a little bit...I went to hug him first thing and noticed that his Class A shirt was damp.
     "Oh, Honey, do you have any dry clothes after the storm last night?" I asked
     "Yeah, the reason my shirt is damp is because it was in my bag with my pool towel." He replied!

I love him! He is growing up so fast and when I see him at camp (where it seems he has grown three inches since Sunday afternoon when he left), it makes my heart giggle to know he is still stuffing his wet pool towel into his bag along with his Class A shirt!

Funny thing is, since Cub Scout day camp is the same week this year, we have been right down the road from him every day. We had dinner together and caught up on the week. I updated Ryan on the things that are coming up for me on Friday. He has told me before that sometimes he feels like he doesn't know what is going on (his sisters are better eve's droppers than he is)

 We had one boy who wanted to get home and be able to finish his video game time for the day, two girls who wanted to get going so that we could stop across the road to see their cousins who live off of Boy Scout Road.

Our walk took us up to the pool where they were about to start the water olympics. Ryan is my kid who beats around the bush when he wants something or hints at it without coming out and saying it. So when he said "Mom, I would like it if we could watch the water olympics together." I was happy to enjoy it with him. Sisters were crabby, Zach was crabby but Matthew laughed and watched right along with us. It was a nice evening (especially since David told me he would deal with the bad attitudes and I could just sit and watch the activities). It probably lasted all of thirty minutes and then again, it was time to hug my damp camper (who insisted that he had taken a shower within an hour of our arrival) and be on our way.

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