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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One of My Many Subbing Adventures

We are off to camp this evening. Our church has a kids camp each summer for the elementary aged kids. Last year the middle schoolers were sad because they had "outgrown" camp and came to me with a request. If a parent is volunteering at camp, middle schoolers can go be at camp and work as gophers to help with luggage and other odd jobs. The triplets wanted to do this and so I went to camp. We were there for both sessions last year. This year, we will be participating in one session starting tonight.

Everyone is excited because the triplets will be gophers, Zachary will be camping and Matthew will also be camping for the first time which for an almost second grader is EXTREMELY exciting! I am so glad that what is happening this summer with me is not going to cut into their time at camp. Although I am not counseling this year, I get to go and support those counselors in the girls' bunks as counselor coordinator. I get to pray for them, encourage them and help them in any way that I can.

I will post pictures of our fun at camp next week but for today I have a funny story...

See these guys? These are two of my nephews. In February I got certified to substitute teach here in Iowa and I spent April and May in classrooms all over town as a sub in three different school districts. One of my favorite classrooms was these boy's mom's (my sister-in-law Betsy's) classroom.

I was subbing for Betsy one spring day I got a text from her: "would you be able to bring the boys and drop them by our house on the way home?" Certainly I could so I told her I would. Fast forward and the school day is over. It is time to go so I tell the boys to pack up and we head to the parking lot.

Low and behold, no car key! UGGGHHHH! When we reached the van I looked in and there it was, laying on the floor on the drivers side right by the gas pedal. What in the world? I called David who was working from home that day (thankfully) and he came to bail us out.

As you can see the boys waited patiently in this annoying situation and were brought home only about 20 minutes later than planned. My van key has annoyed me from day one. It has the key fob built in to the actual key and for the last year, the plastic ring that holds it on my key chain has broken. There is no way to fix it except to get a new key. I have to carry around the single key apart from my other keys and I can't say this is the first time this has happened unfortunately. The problem is, a replacement key is up to $250 to replace because of the electronic components. Talk about annoying!

I say funny story now but then we weren't laughing so much!

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