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Friday, August 23, 2013

Cancer Files: Cancer Free!

Taking a little time to breathe some fresh air
I have finally gained some energy to move around a little more.  After going back to the doctor's office a couple of times and having three of four drains removed, I am feeling a little better physically and a lot better mentally!

After returning home from the doctor's office it was a treat to get a call to tell us the pathology report had revealed that the cancer was gone! They got every bit of it that was there.  That is a huge relief.  The doctor said that there is a small chance that I may have to have radiation, but most likely not.

I am a little leery about posting too many pictures of myself these days, I could write so much more about the emotional and mental parts of this kind of surgery and maybe I will feel like doing that down the road, but for now I think I will keep you updated with how the pain and the range of motion is doing.  Dawn is with me every step with her curious "nursing" spirit.  She watches and assists as I give myself the shots and strip the drains.  Today she went to the office with us to watch how the nurse pulled out the drain.  She wanted to see the part that was inside and how it all worked.  She gets to experience how incredible our bodies are at healing.  She stood there as the nurse looked over my abdominal incision and raised her hand quietly when she had a question!  My nurse thought it was great and answered all her questions eagerly.

I have been busy reading and keeping up my Words With Friends games a little better than I have been when I had other things to keep my busy.  I have watched some television, Netflix shows, movies and even had a chance to throw in a Monopoly game yesterday with the kids.  (I am the one on the bottom left.  You can't see it but I am sporting my knee highs to keep my circulation going.)

A little Monopoly
I apologize for my lack of color as I type.  I feel like I need to get back into the swing of things in many ways around here.  It will be a good four weeks before my binders come off and I can wear regular clothing but I am thankful to slowly be learning some tricks of recovery that have made each day a little better.  I am pretty sure that I am ready to get my knitting out tomorrow.  Found a couple of things I would like to do.

Meanwhile, the house is looking great!  Anyone who wants to come and see the place should take a look!  More on that in the next few days.  I feel like it is time to start giving the "virtual tour" of the place and giving some credit where credit is due for getting us as far as we are.

Today we celebrate a victory!

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