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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Add a Little Water to the Firewood

Please accept my apology:  This should have posted on August 13th.  I am not sure why it didn't, but I want to share this as part of the story when it happened...

We met with the realtor today.  We signed a whole bunch of papers, made the arrangements to take pictures and deadlines were set.  Somewhere in there, I am going to have surgery and trust that everyone here will get er done.

After listing all the reasons why it wouldn't be worth our while to wall in the toilet and sink in the basement with all of the red tape that we would have to go through with inspectors and all of that, we decided to go ahead and list the house as a 1 bathroom.  It really does have the toilet and sink downstairs too, but without a wall around it, we can't include it in the listing.  After the papers were all signed, I went to the store to pick up some things.  Praying all the way that I wasn't sure how God was going to do this.

I went through all of the reasons why it would be harder to sell a 1 bathroom house.  No one would find it when they searched for a 2 bath or more!  It was one of those rare (strangely rare) times lately that I seemed to let my emotional state go a little more out of control than I like it to be.  As I got the the intersection by the grocery store I came up to the red light.  As I was slowing down I heard the chaos in my mind become silent and was reminded about Elijah.  Then in my mind I heard "Elijah doused the wood and I burned it up - what is so hard about selling a 1 bathroom house?"

That took a little while to digest!  Certainly, not what I was expecting, only to know that God can do anything.  What good is it for me to worry about these things?!  Today, I trust.

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