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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Sweet Surprise

What a super great and pleasant surprise I got today when I came home from work! There was a box from the Craftsy company (which if you have been following me much, you know that the name of the company alone makes me giddy). I wondered "what could this be? I haven't ordered anything from there have I?" I opened it and was so grateful to my dear friend Brooke McKenzie.

There was a letter inside that said this:
"Recently you were nominated by your friend Brooke McKenzie to receive the gift of craft  that's why we've sent you this special package! At Craftsy, we believe crafting is a gift. Maybe that means crafting your way through an illness or tough life transition. Maybe it means discovering a new creative outlet. Or maybe crafting is simply just something you can count on for a bit of daily calm. Whatever it means to you, the process of making is something special, and your friend thought you could use some of that special in your life."
So, thank you to the Craftsy company for allowing people to nominate those that they know who could use encouragement. It sure has encouraged me (and brought a few tears to my eyes). The gift in the box is two skeins of blue and two skeins of cream, access to a free tutorial in the form of online class, circular bamboo needles, a clipping scissors, a tape measure and...MY VERY FAVORITE yarn needles that have a little bend in the end for hiding all kinds of yarn tails on numerous projects! In fact...I have a huge stack of granny squares that need to be cleaned up and tails sewn in right now!

Brooke...I cannot tell you enough how thankful I am not only that you nominated me, but that I am in your thoughts and prayers after and through all of these years. I really cannot wait til we can get together with Tricia and talk about the old days...baby days, toddler days, (the days when our living rooms were Romper room and we had to put play gates around the Christmas tree) when our kids had playmates that they probably wouldn't even recognize today. I am sure without you and Tricia in those early triplet days, life would have felt much more isolated and alone.

I love that after all these years I receive this package and automatically start thinking about how in the world we could get together and spend time catching up in real life, not just stalking on Facebook. What a blessing to have you in my life. THANK YOU so much!

The instructions for my free tutorial "Learn to Knit: My First Scarf" has instructions to follow to pull it up on my computer. The fourth point says "If you're not already a Craftsy member..." HA! HA! Of course I am a craftsy member, silly!

Brooke, Me and Tricia (back in the days we had cameras
that printed the date on our pictures!)
What a sweet sweet friend, what a wonderful gift. I have crafted for all of those reasons that were mentioned above in the letter and I am grateful for that outlet so that when I feel like screaming or depressed, my fingers can create and something is made right before my eyes.

Thank you Brooke, for still knowing me and thinking about me and being my friend after all of these years. We really need to get together so that we can update our picture that is now almost 13 years old!

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