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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chicken Tetrazzini and Dodgeball?

I forgot how much I loved to make chicken tetrazzini. Not only making it, but how the whole house smells like yumminess and then the taste...that yummy taste. My mom taught me how to saute with this recipe. You saute the pepper/onion/celery/mushroom mixture in a huge skillet. I made a regular batch and a gluten free batch and boy did it ever feel good to start with a clean kitchen and "clean as you go". To just be in the kitchen was nice. Slowly, I am reminded of my life in the kitchen. But I digress...
On  our way

The tetrazzini making is a full day/afternoon event. You put the whole chicken in a pot and boil it for an hour or two (I suppose you could use canned chicken or rotisserie chicken from the store but where's the fun in that?) One of the eulogies read at Marcia's service yesterday mentioned her lasagna. The trick to hers is to let the meat and tomatoes simmer all afternoon. I smiled when I heard that because that is the way my mom taught me to make it too.

Lasagna and chicken tetrazzini. Growing up, those were the two meals that were actually "events". I guess those and potato dumplings but when Dad was making those we all stood clear of the kitchen! The thing about Friday is that there were going to be three extra kids for supper. I was chauffeuring a dodgeball team to the annual NCBC spring break dodgeball tournament. It has become a thing now for the middle schoolers. Ryan and Dawn had put together a team and it added a little fun to a spring break that we had to spend here at home.

A couple weren't too fond of the tetrazzini after making an attempt to pick things out and that is okay, a couple of mine don't love it either. Something about cooked peppers I hear. It was so great to be in the kitchen and make the house smell amazing! If you have read the blog very long you know that I feed my family in my kitchen but don't find it to be my favorite place. I often say I wish I liked cooking better. I am afraid that most of the blessings I give to my family come from other areas of my house.

I am not a terrible cook. In fact, I am pretty great with a recipe and the proper tools. Thankfully, the kids got fed in time to get them on the road to the tournament. Middle school kids filling my van although very loud, is something that I love. It is fun to be a little bit privy to their discussions and interests. You could say that I enjoyed my part on the winning team.
Designers of the awesome matching t-shirts!
Waiting for a little bit of action

Oh...did you see that, I gave it away. The Smurfs (in the blue shirts specially designed) won the tournament with a record of 7-1. What can I say, I was proud...not a bad way to spend a Friday night. Life gets too serious sometimes!

Waiting to start at match
Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! (oh yeah, they already
had the chicken dinner...if only there weren't the peppers!)

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