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Monday, February 20, 2017

Trying To Get That Feeling Again...

I have been knitting and crocheting slowly lately as my finger tips have little feeling in them. I am typing better after I have been doing more and that is good. The problem I have though is that I want to get to a cross stitch project that I want to complete.

I got it out last week and it isn't too bad working on it. Of course it is slower going and getting needles threaded is a little taxing but that very well could be because of my eyesight not quite being what it should be at my age. We have had influenza A in the house and so there has been a lot of television watching. 

It is actually a little more fun to have sick 14 year olds than it is to have a sick 7 year old. Stacey and I started the tv series Lost on Netflix and got quickly sucked into it. When Mr. 7 year old is home the television is playing Pokemon or Phineas and Ferb. I don't get as much done around the house when the big kids are sick. Unless I am cross stitching.

The part of the pattern that is currently being stitched as you can see is mostly ecru and white. UGH! How tedious, how boring. But I have been working on it and seeing progress and that is making me happy.

While all of the sickness and radiation is happening I am also going to acupuncture to try to help get some feeling back in my hands and feet. I was told yesterday that it is working because my sensations are now more "prickly" than they are numb. Okay, I will take what I can get.

It is an alternative medicine practice so the jury is still out about how it will work. It isn't as bad as I thought getting multiple little tiny needles stuck in my hands, feet, ears and face. I am holding out some hope that this will be helpful in the end. My muscles feel really sore after for the rest of the day but then the next morning I usually feel. I said FEEL. That is what we are working toward.

After Thursdays session last week my ring finger on my left hand hurt when I bent it. It was still sore on Friday but there also are more pricklies so I will say we are still on track.


  1. One stitch at a time. One stitch is better than none. Be thankful for what you can do. I remember when all 6 of us had the flu, and then a month later the stomach flu, as predicted by a nurse at church. No flu shots in '65.Neighbor lady brought up 7-Up, and now the adult kids can't stand that of the scent of Lysol Spray. This too shall pass.

  2. Yes! This morning all five are back at school so that is also progress! I got a lot of across stitching done over the weekend and so now I catch up on the house.