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Monday, August 18, 2014

My Have They Grown!

The first day of school is here for the majority of the children in the house.  I can put a few scrapbook pages together later but enjoyed this little comparison:

August 2008
August 2014

Time really does fly by fast when we aren't paying attention.  The problem is, I thought I was!  There is a little more to first day of school picture taking I learned as they posed for numerous different opportunities to remember this day in the pages of the Sloan family history.  Here are just a few of the favorites:

 And, there you have it...MIDDLE SCHOOL!  There was another child who started today and he was a little more subdued when he got ready to go to school.  His little brother was a little spastic but Zachary can usually overlook that and stay focused on the job at hand.  Today, it was getting a picture taken and get in the car in time to get to school!

And then, in a moment of sweetness, once everyone got to where they were supposed to be Matt and I were home in the kitchen getting ready for our day.

He said, Mom, you took pictures of everyone else today but nobody took any pictures of you!  I will, and he picked up my phone and took a picture of me.  Which seems like a great place to end the story of today, the first day of school for four of the Sloans.

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