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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

World's Tallest Man and Other Odd Things

The world's tallest man...the kids thought it was pretty neat to see a life-sized replica of the world's tallest man.  We thought we would pause for a picture just for fun.  There was a lot of things in the Ripley's believe it or not museum that was interesting and exciting to see.

There are a few visual learners in our family and to see the actual size of a man who was 9 feet tall really made an impact on us.  We also got to see things like art made out of rubix cubes and cool optical illusions as well as getting to play with giant Lite Brites!  There was a little something to interest everyone.  I was even able to read a few of the interesting facts as we walked along the way...my kids are growing up!

One of my favorites was right at the beginning of our journey through the museum.  I have very vivid memories of gum wrapper chains.

I turned the corner yesterday during our tour and there was the world's longest gum wrapper chain.  That brought back memories from my childhood.  My mom made gum wrapper chains when she was in high school.  She still had one she was working on when I was a little girl.  She kept it in a light blue bucket the size of an ice cream pail.

She would get the chain out and let me look at it and show me how each link was a gum wrapper.
Imagine my surprise to have those memories jogged by the worlds LONGEST gum wrapper chain!  My first thought was "man, I wish that Mom was here to see this" and I took a picture from every possible angle so that I can show her when we get home.  It is a memory that may seem silly, but was surprisingly vivid to me.

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