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Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksmas is Coming!

Stacey gets to help Dad
with the tree and lights.
I love that I still have one that love
to "play" with our nativity scene.
As some are still debating their strong political views regarding the recent election, we have moved on in our house where the focus is the debate over when to put up the Christmas decorations. It happens every year, Thanksmas with Auntie Chelle. The problem with seeing Chelle for Thanksgiving and not Christmas is that sometimes we decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

Stacey gets some help putting the
"snow" under the television.
We would usually travel to celebrate Thanksmas with Michelle. We have celebrated in Branson, MO, Myrtle Beach and many many times at Gatlinburg, TN. Since we were away from home there was no need to decorate, but Michelle has come to our house a few times now for Thanksmas too. The dilemma is always decorating for gift opening because everyone wants to have the "Christmas" experience since there isn't the excitement of a condo or place that is away from home.
Ready for Thanksmas morning!

Each year is a little bit different depending on when Michelle is with us. Last year in Gatlinburg we actually had Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday because Chelle could get a better deal on her condo if she checked out on Wednesday. This year she planned her flight so she could stay here a little longer than she normally does and we are thrilled to share a couple of extra days.

The stockings are hung even with no chimney.
But, she still is flying out on Saturday and there would really be a rush through the "mas" part of Thanksmas (including the decorating of the house) with just Friday to work with. So, we have had the house decorated inside since Sunday afternoon. The pumpkins are still on the porch and the fall wreath is on the door along with the thanksgiving table runner for the Thanksgiving table.

Wednesday morning will be Thanksmas this year because we celebrate Thanksmas when we are together as a family and excited about giving and sharing with the ones we love.

There is really no more dilemma for us, it is just the logistics that we have to work out with each year when Thanksgiving week comes to usher in the holiday season. It always begins with being thankful. Some years in a new and different way, and this year is one of those years.

We take nothing for granted. Life's tough struggles make the times of celebration that much more sweet!

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