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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Piano Recital

Waiting for the recital to begin
I am pretty proud of my piano players but this fall, I am especially proud of our newest player who got to experience his first contest/recital. It was so cute how Matthew was pacing minutes before his turn. He told me "Mom, I think I am really nervous." It was fun to watch him experience this new feeling. He has always been quite a confident kid.

As it turned out they all got Superiors after the contest and we got to enjoy hearing from them all at the recital. Matthew looked tiny compared to the piano but he did awesome!'' Everyone did.
Matthew playing at his first recital
Zachary's turn

Dawn's turn
Trophy kids and cousin Thomas who
got to tag along
I have to say, I was so into Ryan's song that I forgot to take a picture of him playing. He has improved the most over the past year and I love to watch him play. He has been working his way through piano music from the Zelda video game and he played the theme song. The music is tough and we are proud of his work at the piano.

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