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Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday From the Heart...Once Upon a Thyroid

Biopsy...true, it is only a biopsy of two nodules on my thyroid (known in MOST cases to be benign), but the word is biopsy nonetheless.

I had a biopsy on a thyroid nodule back in 2003 shortly after the triplets were born. At that time it was "nothing to worry about" the doctor said. So I wasn't worried.

Fast forward to December when my aunt found out she has nodules on her thyroid and was having a biopsy on a couple nodules. As I was finally going to be in to see a new GP after mine retired during my couple years of breast cancer mess, I had a stack of medical history forms to fill out. The forms are full of all the health questions you can think of relating to your family and what you know about the health of your parents and grandparents, cousins, uncles, etc.

2003...the doctor back then said the thyroid nodule is nothing to worry about and that we just need to keep an eye on it. I suppose 12 years without checking it isn't really what you would call "keeping an eye on it" so, I mentioned it to the doctor when I got in for my new patient visit. Not skipping a beat, she told me she would schedule an ultrasound to take a look.

During the ultrasound the sweet technician was doing a great job with small talk until she asked me "in 2003 they only biopsied one nodule?" Hmm...I thought. Calmly I answered "there was only one nodule in 2003". Stuttering just a bit she responded "Yes, yeah, so they just biopsied the ONE nodule then?" rewording her question. I left there thinking - so there is now more than one.

Sure enough, not two hours later at home I get a phone call telling me there are multiple nodules on both sides and that I will be getting a call from the ENT with an appointment to have a biopsy done. Today is that lucky day!

I won't hide the fact that I am not a little anxious to find out what is going on. In fact, I am a little excited because there are a few things that I have questioned about my health that are weird and isolated incidents that after reading more about thyroid issues, could TOTALLY be caused by the nodules growing on my thyroid. I also won't try to deny the fact that I hate going to doctors and I hate needle biopsies.

I mostly hate that I have spent as much time in the PCI building as I have these last three years. I was the one complaining before they got it built and took out a block of downtown roads to plop it right in the middle of the street! The ENT office is there just like the oncology and breast cancer office, I get my survivor massages there and of course the surgeons office is there too. Oh, and lets not forget the orthopedic office where Stacey and Zach have both had x-rays and MRIs in the last year. One stop medical shopping topped with a visit to Caribou Coffee before heading back out to the parking deck.

Let's hope this will just be another report to add to the "Jody's Thyroid" file and not the beginning of some awful adventure where I have to be brave and strong and reliant on everyone around me to do things for me. I did that once...and thankfully the Lord brings peace into my heart when I think back to those days in the quiet of the dark when my mind takes control and keeps sleep at bay.

I know how to be still...and I KNOW who is God.

Update as of 4:00 today: no biopsy today, only initial consult. Grrr...more waiting.

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