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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Adventures in Pattern Making

I was so frustrated on Pinterest the other day when I looked for a pattern for a Cub Scout hangar caddie to make for my boys. You drape it over the hangar and it has pockets where they can store their uniform extras like the bandana and slide, their sash and many had a bigger pocket for their books.

Frustration I say, because all of the sites that were showing these caddies were leading me to Etsy to buy one from them. See, I am not going to pay someone else to make something for me that I can make myself and charge me three times as much as it cost.

We all have our favorite pass times and I admit, mine is making things with my hands that other people pay to have made for them. It is a curse sometimes but, I enjoy the creative process and love providing things for my family.

Last weekend, after exhausting all the Pinterest sites I could find with these type of caddies, I found every one of them was selling only finished product.  So, I cut up a huge paper bag from the day I was at the quilt shop stocking up on embroidery thread during a sale, and started taking measurements and drawing straight lines.

I am NOT a patternmaker. That is not my talent or anything that I enjoy. But, I am not closed to trying new things. Since this is pretty straight forward, I was able to draw up a pattern and start step by step with a piece of leftover fabric from the Mario quilts. There were a couple of design changes that were needed after creating the first caddie but with a couple of tweeks, I was ready to make the real thing. I am not sure how to post things like patterns on my blog, but if anyone wants the pattern, I can tell you how I did it. If you want me to make one for you, I can do that too. This was a fun little project!

Happy with the way they turned out I don't think I will be so afraid to try something in my sewing room from scratch again!

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