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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Caucus Night: First in the Nation

Rushing from Ryan's basketball game in Manchester, I got home just in time last night to jump in the car with David and Dawn (who wanted to see up close and personal "what is a caucus?") and get to our caucus location.

We eventually found a place in the back of the Presbyterian church to sit and listen to the representatives tell why their guy is the best guy. I love listening to the passion and the excitement in every one and to see the buzz of the neighborhood as people elect their precinct secretaries and those rare individuals sign up and pay to go to the convention. Not really my thing, but I love that there are those that get excited about that.

The turn out was amazing and the excitement was contagious. Dawn and her cousins learned a lot and then Grandpa took them to ice cream so not too shabby of a night for these girls! In fact, made Ryan and Stacey wish that they had accompanied us to the caucus after all!

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