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Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Poor Boys!

Look at these three!  I can't believe that it has been over a year (probably closer to two) since I have been in their room and paid any attention to their closet or clothes.  Their closet is just one of those places where I can open the door, look in and think "I just can't tackle this today!" and something else on the list gets attention.

There are actually clothes in there that can be taken right out of Zach's drawer (having been too small for him for a year now) and moved right into Matt's drawer!  Life gets busy and I don't feel that bad about it, I mean, look at the mess.  It is a little overwhelming!  But, moving into a new house has given us a reason to get things shaped up.  I started this yesterday and have been boxing up clothes that are too small and now summer clothes as well.

I cranked up the music and stepped in to get to work.  I was able to get some clothes packed away and a few things that had been lost are now found (imagine the things that were shoved in the back of the closet floor all this time!)  It was nice to get some of it done.  Still missing a small black boys soccer sock but we aren't done with the job yet so I am still hopeful.  After all this time of three boys sharing a very small room, they are looking forward to moving into a new bigger room, even if at first it will have pinky-mauve carpet!

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