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Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Fest 2013

Here I am about an hour before Fall fest last Wednesday.  I spent the morning in my recliner with the urge to throw up every time I moved.  I was a little frantic about how the kids were going to be ready with costumes for the big event later in the evening.

It was about 1:00 p.m. when I was finally able to eat a little bit of yogurt and move around a little bit.  It was an early dismissal day and after the kids arrived home, we all got into the car and made a quick trip around town to the places where we usually have luck finding costumes that we need.

This year, I was looking for a Robinhood or a Peter Pan costume for the little boys.  Matthew wanted to dress up like "Little Link" from the video game Zelda and Zach decided being "Big Link" would be fun.  It made me smile so that is what we set off to find.

The only thing I could come up with in the three places we stopped was a Robinhood outfit for Zach.  We bought a couple of swords to make Link complete and went home.  Matthew was beside himself because he didn't have anything.  I couldn't believe that something as classic as Peter Pan wasn't in a little kid size.  Funny how you can find all of that stuff in adult sizes, I don't get that.

After dropping the kids off (the girls already knew what they were going to dress up to be, and I told Ryan I would find something for him, he was having trouble making up his mind), I went back out to JoAnn's.  Thankfully I still had my sewing machine at the house.  I bought some brown and green fleece and traced around Matt's top so that he had a tunic.  The hat was a little trickier but it came together just great.  David helped the big kids with the cardboard shields and we were set to go.

Still feeling somewhat green, I tagged along and everyone enjoyed an evening of fun at Fall fest.

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